The Butters

"The Best Kept secret"


Shea butter is obtained from the natural fat of the fruit of the “karite tree.” It is widely used as a moisturizer and makes a wonderful choice for use in just about any formulation that comes to mind. This is one of the “softer” textured butters, so it melts easily upon skin contact. This shea butter has not undergone any refining techniques, so it stills holds 100% of its natural, skin-healing benefits and it still holds its natural “wood fire fragrance.” Unrefined shea butter is often used as a mid sunscreen aide, whereas, refined shea butter no longer holds those benefits. We blend in mango papaya oil, which compliments the natural essence of the shea butter, providing it with a soft and pleasurable scent.

Additionally, it has a creamy, smooth texture and a beautiful “olive-yellow” hue so you know it is pure and clean.This butter is sourced from a “fair trade” organization which means the farmers are paid a fair price for the time they put into making their products.

The “making” of shea butter is quite a labor intensive process and we put a lot of time and love into our formulation. It was important to us to provide a product that is easy to spread on the skin, organic and with a limited ingredient list. We believe in products that are simple, as close to nature as possible and comprised of only a few ingredients.



Organic unrefined Shea butter  
Organic Coconut Oil 
Organic Lavender, Orange, lemon

There are many amazing reasons to use shea butter and your skin will love you for it! It works great for stretch marks, extremely dry skin, eczema, and the list  goes on and on!